Monday, 14 May 2012

Bring back the Milko!

by Megan from The Byron Life

Every day my family of five drinks a lot of milk. We have it on cereal in the morning; in our coffees and teas; we drink it by the glass full and we use it in cooking.

On average I think we can guzzle down one-two litres of the stuff a day - sometimes less, sometimes more (depending on how many bowls of cereal my two and five-year-olds wolf down!)
Anyway, we drink a lot of milk and every time I go to my local green grocer to buy another bottle I feel guilty.


Because of this excessive plastic packaging I am buying every single day.

I don't want to stop my family from drinking milk - we have no allergies to it and it provides a rich source of nutrients and protein, especially to the two of us who are mainly vegetarian - but I do want to cut back on the plastic.

Growing garlic in recycled milk bottles

I do recycle the containers - either putting them into our recycled garbage bin for collection, or like this: as seedling containers in the garden  - but this does nothing to prevent the buying of new plastic bottles.

My mission now is to find a way to source milk - locally - that does not require me buying these stupid plastic bottles every day.

Like the days when I was a kid (now I am sounding old!) when the milko delivered milk to our homes in recycled glass bottles with their little silver caps. Remember those days?

There was no waste, the milk was fresh and we lived perfectly well without plastic. Why can't we still have that system?

How about you? Short of raising your own dairy cow, do you have a method of sourcing milk that doesn't involve plastic bottles? Do tell!